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Plugin Features:

The Freelance Admin Hider adds a new set on settings under the general settings page in the admin panel to allow freelancers to control which menu item the client sees in the admin panel when they log in. The plugin hides specific pages and redirects the user back to the main admin page if he tries to visit directly one of the hidden pages. This way the freelance has full control over themes, plugins, settings and other critical pages. The plugin lets only the admin with an ID of 1 view these pages in a WordPress multisite installation it will be the super admin of the network.

  • Removes the Dashboard menu item
  • Removes the Posts menu item
  • Removes the Media menu item
  • Removes the Pages menu item
  • Removes teh Comments menu item
  • Removes the Appearance menu item
  • Removes the Plugins menu item
  • Removes the Users menu item
  • Removes the Tools menu item
  • Removes the Settings menu item
  • Remove theme editor menu
  • Remove plugin editor menu
  • You can also remove from the top tools bar the following elements
  • Removes the WordPress Logo
  • Removes the updates menu


How To

Plugin General Settings

Admin Panel: Plugin General Settings

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Free Download

Download the plugin for free from the official website or from your WordPress admin panel. If you like the plugin, consider donating for it's future development.


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